Sincan Bucuk Pond and Irrigation...

As being the subcontractor firm between 2003 and 2005 of the work Sincan Bucuk Pond Increasing and irrigation  belongs to DSI General Directorate – V. District Directorate 



Photos of Sincan Bucuk Pond


Document of Work Experience (KASMET Cons.)


4.342 m.  transportation road

At height of 31 m from base, 610.000 m3 water storing capacity, clay centered earth filled body formation.

 Free taking from opposite, reinforced concrete hailsluice construction of rectangular cross-section with 6-12m varying width.

3m diametered horseshoe cross sectioned and 131 m long bottomsluice tunnel,

Portal constructions of entries and exits.

Constructions of water taking and plugs.

Pressure tube  600 and 500 mm diametered and having 81 m length inside tunnel and 500 mm diametered and having 52 m length inside appended concrete between tunnel exit and valve room. 

Production of butterfly valve 600 mm diametered inside tunnel, valve room and squared sliding valve having 2 units 440x440 mm cross-section at valve room.


Kasmet Construction Industry Trade Incorporated Company