Dicle Dam and HEPP Installations Constructions...

As (1992) our company started working as a subcontractor company at "DSI DICLE DAM and HEPP INST. CONSTRUCTION" under the contract of "KISKA Com. Co" and at (2000) our company has successfully and timely completed the undertaken works.

Works performed at D.S.I. DICLE Dam and HEPP Installation Construction:



Photos of Dicle Dam


Document of Work Experience (KASMET Cons.)


Work Experience Certificate (M.BAYINDIR)

Mustafa BAYINDIR (Autobiyograpy)




All of the Spillway Construction,

Production of spillway access channel and slope concrete lining,

Final concrete lining of derivation tunnel, inlet and outlet structures,

Supporting concrete at the derivation tunnel,

Final concrete lining of power tunnel, inlet and outlet structures,

Final concrete lining of grouting galleries,

Construction of outlet structure of the irrigation tunnel and slope linings,

Reinforced concrete of pressure pipes,

Total construction of a.b. power plant building (2 units, installed power 110 MW)

Power plant building tail water discharge channel construction,

Construction of dam security squadron headquarters building and dormitories,

Pump Station Construction,

Dam crest top arrangement and concrete,

Construction of power plant access bridge on Dicle (Tigris) river,

Dam water level measuring (Limnigraph) structure Construction,

Switch area and open area concrete,

Water storage tank construction, production of cable trays,

Siphon concrete,

Support wall construction,

Various grills and parapets,

TOTAL : 450.00 m3 concrete, 150.000 m2 formwork and 50.000 tons steel production has been realized.

(The construction works of two derivation tunnels of ( 10 m) 717.20 m and 775.54 m, Irrigation tunnel of 740 m, Energy Tunnel of 455 m, Injection and drainage gallery of ( 4,50 m) 4563 m, ventilation shaft of ( 3,20 m) 305)

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