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Photos of Dicle Dam Document of Work Experience (KASMET Cons.)

Document of Work Experience (M. YILMAZ)

Specifications of Dicle Dam and HEPP Installations Cons.






: General Directorate of Government Water Works

2.Name of Work : Constructions of Dicle Dam and HEPP Installations Construction
3.Place Work Done : Egil / Diyarbakir
4.Technical of Applicated Construction : Constructions of Dam and Hydroelectric Power Station

a) Formation of clay stoned and rock filled dam body (2910000m3),

b) Total concrete and sliding mould systemed; hailsluice, watering, derivation, energy structures, pump station, approach slope coatings, formation of breakwater above body, Central HES construction, ‘salt’ zone, cable ducts, measure construction of water level, highway bridge of river transition, drinking water depot, kaptage, Gendarme Company Management Building, flat/house building, Managerial housing development buildings, watchman buildings, road ‘baks’ and cavities (540000 m3 concrete 7682 tones iron, 327000m2 mould production ),

c) Opened by drilling-exploding method; conjunction bloned, with conjunction, without conjunction, reinforced concrete coated, tunnel mould systemed and with different sizes derivation, watering, energy tunnels and injection galleries and cavity production ( 7257m tunnel 322m cavity),

d) Conjunction bloned (39800m) ve spraying concreted (201000 tones) slope endurance,

e) Prefabricated beamed hailsluice bridge and highway bridge with river transition.

f)  Contact-consalidation injection works with sounding drill (223843m drill - 104170m3 injection) and slurry trench isolation partition (1707 m2)

g) Made by exploding or unexploding; art constructions, palye, slope, grazing, river improvement excavations, kaptage with cable ducts - water depot drinking water line construction (7500000m3 excavation),

h) Asphalt (10 km) and enduring (65 km) coated total 75 km communication roads and road of material stone construction,

ı) Mechanical constant equipment, entry grids, radial cover and lifting cover (2120tones) , algebra tube (3034tones), sliding butterfly conic valves, crown-door, strolling and monorail vinches, water emptying tubes, central building air conditioner airing fire electric telephone hygineic installations, whatever iron works (257 tones) and iron bridge construction,

j) Housing-development foundations and building works including steal construction and fixation roof coated whatever slim construction (building area 5071m2) zone-environment arranging and perimeter and relying upon walls by different sizes production.

5.   Name of concerned : Mustafa BAYINDIR
6.   Title of concerned : Civil engineer
7.   Document given as : Construction Site Engineer
8.   Other personnels with same capacity

: Murat Yılmaz (Architect) -Yeşim  Erdem  (Architect)

9.   Price of first agreement : 74.888.953 USD
10.  Total price of agreement : 263.544.215 USD
11.  Date of agreement 

: 13.01.1986

12.  Ephemeral Acceptance Date of Work : 24.07.2001
13.  Duty of concerned between  : 13.11.1990 – 24.07.2001
14.  Work completed when concerned in duty and its proportion : 203.057.710 USD  -  2,71
15.  Price of document

: 203.057.710 USD



Kasmet Construction Industry Trade Incorporated Company