Seyfettin OZTAS

Name and Surname Seyfettin OZTAS
Profession Civil engineer
Date of birth 06.01.1954
Education Engineering Faculty, Civil Engineering (1980 /300364)
Professional experience 29 Years

Work Experience Certificate

DSI-Erzincan Dam Construction

ASKI Yenimahalle - Susuz Village Sewerage and Rainwater Canal Construction.

Kasmet Construction Industry Trade Incorporated Company


Kiska Co. - Atilim Cons. Co.

Construction of Erzincan - Mercan Water Tunnel ( = 4.00m, L=660m)

Construction of Karaman - Ayranci Hisilayik Water Tunnel (Tunnel = 4.20 m, L=1.632m)

Construction of Derivation Tunnel of Trabzon - Atasu Dam (Tunnel = 4.00 m, L=530 m)

Constructions of Aydın - Cine Catak Kavsit Pond and Derivation Tunnel (Tunnel = 2.70 m, L=305 m) Coordinator

1998 - 2000
Kiska Co

Constructions of DSI Erzincan Dam and Derivation Tunnel and Irrigation Tunnel; (Tunnel = 4.00 m, L=1.032 m) (from commencement to end of project) Project Manager

1991 - 1998
Kiska Co.

Constructions of DSİ Diyarbakir Dicle Dam and Tunnels and Hydroelectric Power Plant (Tunnel = 1.75 m, = 2.50m, = 8.50 m, Total L=7.555 m of Tunnels and Injection Galleries); Chief of Site

1990 - 1991
Kiska Co.

Construction of DSI Konya Water Refinement Facilities;

Account Engineer and Chief of Site

Kiska Co.

School Construction of Ankara Private Atilim Collage; Chief of Site

1987 - 1989
Kiska Co.

Construction of Ankara Kinik Potable Water Tunnel (Tunnel = 3.40 m, L=16.362 m) Entrance; Chief of Site

1983 - 1987
Nurol Cons.

Ankara - Istanbul Railway Tunnel, Tunnel Const. between Sincan and Ayas

(Tunnel = 8.50 m, L=1120 m); Site Engineer

1982 - 1983
Contractor Bekir Sucu

Constructions of Isparta Yalvac Cooperative Houses;

Control Engineer

1980 - 1982

Kasmet Construction Industry Trade Incorporated Company